Generate Insoles for 3D Printing from Gyrobot

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Design Realtime in a Web Browser

Export complete design AMF ready for 3D print slicing using PrusaSlicer.

Profiled to Suit Shoe Shape

Parametrised insole boundary curves which are adjustable to provide a best fit inside shoes.

Contoured to Match Personal Foot Scan

Shaping of the upper surface of the insole to match a scan of the foot. A process called “Solemorph”.

Customisable Hardness Zones

Areas of the insole printed with different flexible mesh densities to help offload high pressures and add extra support.

Print at Home

Download bundles and print at home or at local 3D Print Hubs.

Want to try or find out more?

Gensole (beta) is free to use for makers and researchers for non-commercial use.